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Stone Creations installs durable, high quality decorative overlays on existing concrete surfaces. Conventional wisdom holds that stamped concrete, keystone, bulmanite, spraydeck, or concrete that is old, cracked, faded, and discolored must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete. Additionally, many times homeowners become discouraged not knowing that there is a simple and cost effective way to resurface their existing concrete surface.

Stone Creations resurfaces new and/or old concrete with a polymer-modified overlay system. This is a viable way to improve existing concrete surfaces. Resurfacing can range from simply making the concrete look like new again or upgrading the surface with a variety of colors and patterns. Whether it’s a concrete driveway, pool deck, patio, sidewalks, or walkways, our resurfacing options let you transform your concrete into a smooth colored concrete surface.

Unlike pavers, our surfaces are continuous. Therefore, there are no joints or spaces for weeds, mold, mildew, or ants to take hold of the surface. Our surfaces are virtually maintenance free. With our surfaces, you are able to pick out the designs and colors. With pavers, your choice of color and size are limited. Pavers usually shift and the bed of sand that they are installed on usually begins to erode. Our surfaces won’t shift or erode.

If you are considering stamped concrete, bulmanite, keystone, or spraydeck, you may want to reconsider your options. These types of surfaces are hard to maintain and need to be sealed every year. Also, when you repair these types of surfaces, you will always see scaring, discoloration, and repair marks. With our surfaces, we recommend that the driveway be sealed every three to five years (depending on traffic) on pool deck, walkways, patios, entries and sidewalks, we recommend sealing every five to seven years (depending on traffic). If there are any new cracks, we can easily come out and reincorporate any cracks into the grout lines. It usually takes no more than three minutes to fix a new crack.

At Stone Creations, we stress excellent customer service policies. With our ‘no down payment’ policy (to help eliminate contractor fraud) and our prompt call return, we feel that we can serve you better than our competition. Call for your free estimate. Additionally, we cover Marion, Alachua, and Lake counties.